Timothy Goodman had a book (Sharpie Art Workshop) giveaway on instagram, and to enter you had to list your top three fave hip-hop albums of all time. There are so many good ones it was hard to choose! Now I'm primed. Here are the albums that give me those nostalgic feels in no particular order.
  1. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill
    "That thing" was so fun to sing a long to on the radio as a young kid. And "Ex-Factor" is one of the best break-up songs of all time. May have wailed to that song a couple times.
  2. The Score - The Fugees
    Got into this later in the game. Listening to "Ready or Not" on my old school white ipod made me feel like like the baddest freshman girl on my college campus. (I also sang "Killing Me Softly" into my very first boyfriend's voicemail in high school...cringe). Whole album is badass.
  3. The College Dropout - Kanye West
    Copy of a copy burnt on to a cd from a best guy friend in high school. Memories. "Spaceship" was so real for me because of my first minimum wage job.
  4. Do You Want More?! -The Roots
    Listened to this in my car on the way home from school
  5. Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) - Digable Planets
    Bought this at Amoeba after my older cousin put "Rebirth of Slick" on her Myspace page.
  6. The Next Step - People Under The Stairs
    Mostly for "San Francisco Knights". I was going to SF State at the time and wanted to represent. Great for lazy Sundays being a college kid and "exploring hippie hill". It was also a nice break from all the "Hyphy" mania going on at the time.
  7. Be - Common
    This album just makes me feel warm, because only the sweetest shy boys who were concerned about doing the right thing also loved this album with me. Plus the beats were awesome and produced by a slightly less crazy Kanye West. I love a good old school sample.
  8. Above the Heavens - Blu and Exile
    Love Exile's beautiful beats. Reminds me of dorm times in a different college in Washington state. "Simply Amazin'" always uplifted "Dancing in the Rain" was great for my emo feels. "Greater Love" for crazy love daydreams.
  9. Missy Eliott - Under Construction
  10. The Black Album - Jay Z
    Ruled my life the year it came out. I was seriously mourning because I thought Jay-Z was gonna quit forever.
  11. UPDATE! Before I published this list I wrote last night, I ended up freakin' winning a book from Timothy Goodman! Literally got the message a few mins ago YASSSS!!!!! Time to get my sharpie on!! (Fyi I posted The Black Album, The Score and Be)
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  12. I had a few more albums to add but I'm FEVERISH from the rush of winning, and just want to post this now
  13. Will update later
  14. Cheesy lesson learned: Life rewards you when you are just simply yourself. (Or i'm just fucking lucky today)
  15. I totally need to redo this list again sometime, its an effin' mess. But since no one knows me here IRL, I'm keeping it posted.