Ever since my little bro got me into to The Tim Ferris podcast, I've found myself trying out a ton of things I would have NEVER known about (note: I am not his target demo of early 20s tech boys, but a whatever late 20s girl). I haven't listened to every single episode, but I have clung on to the bits of gold from the episodes I do like.
  1. Downloaded the List app
    Lastest podcast interview. Which is turning out to be super fun! Thanks BJ Novak (@bjnovak) + Dev Flaherty!
  2. Became obsessed with Casey Neistat's daily vlog on Youtube
    That guy is fucking awesome. I love his scrappy style and fierce creative energy. I especially enjoy his editing style with great music and cuts of unapologetic skateboarding around NYC. His daily commitment to his craft is an inspiration to me. I heard him on a different podcast (School of Greatness), but then commited to looking him up once Tim interviewed him.
  3. Considered buying "Me Undies"
    Feels like a "geisha hugging my groin"? Count me in!
  4. Started Meditating
    Tim swears by T. M. (Transcendental Meditation). I just do some guided meditations or some deep breathing to some soft music. It was really hard to do at first, but this has helped mood regulation and anxiety. I should do this more so I can have an "optimal morning routine".
  5. Started making my bed everyday
    I think Tim mentioned a monk or something told him it was good to do and was good for the soul or something. Therefore, duh why not try it. This has actually been quite satisfying
  6. Considered Investing with Wealthfront
    Then realized I am broke right now and cannot invest that kind of dough $$ (but would love to one day).
  7. Signed up for the "5 Bullet Friday" Email
    ...And thoroughly enjoyed when a song he was "jamming to" once was Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack".
  8. Tried the Slow-Carb diet
    Did this for a day and it was filling, and made me make better food choices. I really want to try Robert Rodreguez's cauliflower Mexican rice.
  9. Wanted to do Sauna/Icebath while having Zen insights
    That Rick Rubin episode in the sauna was so relaxing to me. Rick Rubin is a musical freakin' genius and it was great to listen his story and wisdom in that setting. I still re-listen to this and learn stuff. My gym does not have ice baths so I couldn't exactly replicate this with my best friend, but one day I will, damnit.
  10. Pondered A. I. (Artificial Intelligence)
    And got super freaked out by it.
  11. Use Evernote for (almost) everything
    Mindlessly downloaded it during an interview with the co-founder Phil Libin. Now it rules my life for journaling and note taking.
  12. Looked into Stoicism
    Stoic, stoic, stoic philosophy. Yes Tim, that's your favorite kind.
  13. Considered becoming an Entreprenuer
    Let's face it, anyone listening to this stuff is at least flirting with the idea of a start-up or a business or is a part of one already.
  14. Drank more tea
    Tea is mentioned a lot. Sleepy time tea to Jacko Willink's potent pink tea.
  15. Been super inspired to be more Creative
    Just because Robert Rodriguez and Jon Favreau are a couple of my fave episodes on creativity. That RR episode has helped me out of a creative rut a couple times.
  16. Wanted to induce Ketosis
    Still not sure why. But I am led to believe this will make me magically healthier.
  17. Wanted to climb mountains
    Jimmy Chin (filmmaker of "Meru" which I still need to watch) had an awesome interview and his passion for climbing was intriguing. Plus the interview with Wim Hof made me want to see if I could adjust to crazy temps.
  18. Looked up to see if I was co-dependent
    I'm a people pleaser type sometimes and his interview with @whitneyc made me wonder if I was too. Turns out I am not. but that woman is the best, and I appreciated her opening up in that way. Plus 2 Broke Girls is hilarious.
  19. Did the Negative Visualization exercise
    And it did help me put some goals in perspective, this stoic stuff isn't so bad, after all.
  20. Spent more time outside
    Tim mentioned on another podcast that he wishes he spent more time outside bare foot in the grass in order to stay grounded and less stressed from work. I tried it and it has worked a time or two.
  21. Listed a goal 20x via Scott Adams
    Didn't work because I forgot to do it after a week. Read A TON of Dilbert that week.
  22. Have new respect for military
    Jocko Willink and General McCrystal were surprisingly interesting episodes for me.
  23. Played way more Tetris
    Jane McGonigal's game episode was pretty awesome and enlightening. Tetris did help curb some anxiety and makes my brain feel stronger. I even downloaded Minecraft because of her but haven't had a chance to properly play it. Her SuperBetter site is fun and I have used it on and off to help with depression stuff. I initially heard about her through a TED talk but looked again after his interview.
  24. Just been a more motivated and functional person in general
    Because these tips and tricks are awesome to try and have been a (mostly) positive influence on me and my productivity. Thanks Tim!
  25. I can't believe how much I listed
    Seriously. This is an embarrassing amount of Tim Knowledge. Those long drives listening to podcasts must have really put a dent on my brain. There might be more but I didn't plan this, I just downloaded this app on a whim and its getting super late. So please feel free to suggest!
  26. Take cold showers
    Inspired by Wim Hof and Tony Robbins Suggested by @dunger
  27. Wanted to throw a $400 dollar party that rivals P. Diddy's expensive parties.
    Then realized I am not nearly as talented or connected as a smooth, young (and hilarious) Jamie Foxx.
  28. Great list, I have done many of the same after listening to Tim. Have you heard the Wim Hof interview? You be taking cold showers after.
    Suggested by @dunger