Ok, 1st list.
  1. Sopranos.
    Sopranos will for many be considered one of the all time great series. For my wife and I, we really grew closer and closer binge watching this show. I think what made this show so relatable are the layers found in each character. If Tony had ONLY been this tough mob boss, connection would have been difficult for most. If Christopher wouldn't have struggled with addiction he would just been a thug, whom we wouldn't have liked had much empathy for.
  2. House of Cards.
    Again, the two man characters at first glance remind us more of the political power couple we see on cable news. But these layers that Frank and Claire have make it capable to connect to them.
  3. The Office (US version).
    Who doesn't love this show? If you're lucky you have your own Jim or Pam and hopefully your that persons Jim or Pam. If you love the show like my wife and I do you probably see glimpses of all the characters from the show in your daily life.