To Me, Happiness Is…

  1. Passing a test
    I'm not a big studier. I know when I've hit my study limit and probably approach a test more relaxed the than I should but nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing I've not been too telaxed and haven't mis judged the amount of preparation required.
  2. My kids laughing
    There's something magical that happens when kids can be kids.
  3. Finishing something.
    That means depending on the task, I might not call it a day when I should.
  4. Time spent with my dog.
    He's a superhero
  5. Really great food.
    All really great food is "chicken soup for the soul". I'm lying if I say I haven't connected with food on an emotional level and I might have even shed a tear or two with faced with the right meal.
  6. Contentment on my wife's face.
    I just like knowing things are good for her.