I have not seen ALOHA (neither the movie nor the trailer), but feel pretty confident about my guesses.
  1. Bradley Cooper: "Where are you going with that coconut??" Emma Stone (as she marches off screen): "WHERE DO YOU *THINK* I'M GOING WITH THIS COCONUT?!"
  2. Rachel McAdams: "Please don't leave." Bradley Cooper: "Why?" Rachel McAdams: (sighs heavily) "If you have to ask why, then you should just go."
  3. Emma Stone (holding a giant beach bag): "Of *all* the beaches on this island I decide to take a walk on, of course I choose the one where you are." Bradley Cooper: (flashes grin)
  4. Bradley Cooper: "Listen, I know I'm not here enough, and I know I should have texted you back last night, and I know all you want is for me to be present, in the right now, but ... do you hear that?" Emma Stone/Rachel McAdams/whoever/Suki Waterhouse: "... I hear the Pacific Ocean." Bradley: "No, it's my beating heart, right in front of you."
  5. Emma Stone: "I like your flip flops, weirdo." Bradley Cooper: "You crack me up!"
  6. Bill Murray: "What's a guy gotta do to get a piña colada around here?"
  7. Emma Stone (voice over): "Aloha doesn't just mean hello and goodbye ... it also means letting go."