1. Don't think this is the reaction you're supposed to have, but at one point the crew contemplates the ~seriousness~ of having to spend like 500 extra days in space and all I could think about was how incredible it would be to not have to worry about going to any social obligation on Earth for 2 years.
    "Would love to attend your baby shower, but I'm in space with Kate Mara!!! So sorry!!"
  2. Someone asks Jessica Chastain in one scene if something sounds like a good idea to her, and she says, plainly, "It is." That to me was more stirring than any explosion or whatever I've seen in any movie this year. Can you imagine Jessica Chastain telling you your idea was good??? I'd be so overwhelmed I'd like jump off a bridge.
  3. Matt Damon is great in this movie but I was definitely momentarily confused when he wrote his character's name, instead of "Matt Damon," when he had to write his name on a screen in one scene.
  4. Kristen Wiig plays a serious NASA exec in this, & I couldn't stop thinking about her sitting down at brunch with her friends and someone saying, "So, uh, *The Martian*, huh??" & her sheepishly giggling & then telling a story about how Jeff Daniels came up to her at craft services & said, "I loved you in, uh, 'Here Comes The Bride'? That movie..."