1. Rachel McAdams eats an entire steak—swallowing the bone, too—and then looks up at a collection of assembled gray, balding police officers. She grunts, "What?"
  2. Taylor Kitsch chews on a toothpick, looking out over a dark river. After a good four minutes of silent staring, he runs his hand through his hair and then spits the toothpick into the water.
  3. Colin Farrell breaks an empty beer bottle on the back of a motorcycle, and then pushes the motorcycle over. A homeless man shouts from across the parking lot: "There's nowhere to go." Cut to a close-up of Colin, almost crying, whispering back, "I know."
  4. Rachel McAdams to Colin Farrell, as they ride in a police car together: "Where are we heading?" Colin (looks out window, then back at her): "You're not asking the right question, sweetheart."
  5. Vince Vaughn picks up a disembodied, bloody head in a dimly-lit basement. "This isn't what I was hoping to see here!" he bellows at an assortment of indistinct men.
  6. Taylor Kitsch sees Rachel McAdams leaning on a telephone pole outside the police station. "Hey," he mutters. "We're working together on a case," she says, "We're not friends." She spits in the dust, and then looks up at him, scowling: "After this is over, we are dead to each other."
  7. Colin Farrell takes like 16 different colored pills over a bathroom sink and then slumps over. His 9-year-old daughter emerges. "Daddy, can we go to the park?" He sighs. "Not right now," he says. A brunette wife character emerges: "Babe, what is going on?" He closes the door on her.
  8. Vince Vaughn sits in a deli eating a giant pastrami sandwich. He addresses no one in particular: "Men, there are 3 things to know about this world: no one can be trusted, no one can be saved, & there are an infinitesimal number of outcomes for every decision you make & every single one of them leads you back to the very point at which you started"