Thx for the suggestion @bjnovak !
  1. How many likes each Kardashian/Jenner sister gets (relative to each other) on an average Instagram post
  2. Just by looking at a Rihanna street style JPEG, I can tell you what year it's from
  3. the list of life-threatening diseases for which one of the symptoms, per WebMD, is "sore throat"
  4. What the expression on my Chipotle cashier's face means, in terms of whether he's going to call me "man" and make small talk, or just wordlessly swipe my card
  5. Conspiracy theories related to Kate Middleton
  6. Which 2000s pop songs are surprisingly unfulfilling karaoke choices
    Avril's "Complicated" !!! 😞
  7. What I should theoretically be eating for breakfast (thx to bi-weekly no-subject-line emails from my mom)
  8. How to make prolonged small talk with a friend of a friend without being 100 percent sure of her name
  9. Can recite from memory the entire 3-minute phone conversation I had in 4th grade when the Regina George of my elementary school called me on a school night to ask how much a Ken Griffey Jr. card she had "found in her attic" was "worth"
    I obviously had no idea and made up some whole story about everything depending on if the corners of the card were "crisp or frayed"
  10. The traffic patterns at the Tribeca whole foods