1. 7:30am: wakes up with perfectly-tousled hair; a stock image-looking golden retriever jumps onto the bed and licks his face ("Hey boy," Chace says)
  2. 8:10am: eats a few pieces of bacon while watching, like, a European soccer game on a flatscreen television.
  3. 8:40am-9:30am: plays video games in a bathrobe
  4. 10am: drives to the gym, where he proceeds to do a series of pull-ups and boxing moves and that machine where you sit down and push forward the weights with your feet. (Women and men alike steal furtive glances and pretend to do weird stretches or whatever right next to wherever he is on the gym floor. Chace is oblivious to the attention.)
  5. 11:30am: stops in at Starbucks. ("It's Chace, with two 'c's, but spell it however you like!" he says with a laugh.)
  6. 12:30pm: meets 3 guys for lunch (each of whom looks like the captain of your high school lacrosse team, all wearing backwards caps), they sit outside and sip iced teas
  7. 2-4pm: naps in a hammock on a private beach, wearing board shorts and aviators, awoken by a text message from Ed Westwick (a picture of a moose, with no explanation)
  8. 6:30pm: meets a girl who could be mistaken for Jenna Dewan at a rooftop bar, she laughs really really hard at everything he says (even "you just can't predict the weather this time of year, you know?")
  9. 9pm: rolls into a group dinner at a dark, swanky sushi restaurant (EDM playing loudly, everyone is wearing a suit with no tie); he announces "next round is on me!" and everyone cheers
  10. 10:15pm: a friend's girlfriend sidles up next to his seat at the restaurant. "Was Blake Lively niiiiice?" she drawls. "Yup," he says, with a distracted nod.
  11. 11:45pm: takes an Uber home, tosses keys in a Dallas Cowboys mug, changes into flannel pants and falls asleep on the couch to a Simpsons episode.