5 🔀 🎵

  1. Arthur Russell - A Little Lost
    This ballad—part cello suite, part soft rock masterpiece—will melt even the hardest of hearts, guaranteed. A perfect exercise in pop minimalism.
  2. Delia Derbyshire - Quest (Fast)
    From the visionary that brought you the original Dr. Who theme song. One of the top ten most interesting figures in the early development of electronic pop music. Watch The BBC documentary Synth Britannia on YouTube. Her band, White Noise, is a criminally under-celebrated 60s gem. Like The Zombies with more theatrics and LSD and synthesizers.
  3. The Beatles - Fixing A Hole
    Harpsichords. Is this a Paul song? It's dumb enough to be a Ringo song. Is it a Ringo song?
  4. Dear Nora - The Freeway
    An earlier recording project from my good friend Katy Davidson. Total Dadaist lo-fi outsider twee pop brilliance. Also, she sounds super young here. Lyrics: "The Honda is ahead of me, the Saturn is in front of the Honda. The big guy in the diesel truck is halfway through his super-sized soda."
  5. DiskJokke - Folk I Farta
    I haven't heard this song since, like, 2008, when Scandinavians were ruling the game with 9 minute "kosmiche" disco workouts, but I'm very pleased to be hearing it right now. This is an undeniably gorgeous, richly-detailed composition. Play this one at my funeral to lighten the mood, please.