More podcasts! Trying to suggest a few new ones I haven't seen on other lists.
  1. On The Media
    Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield are amazing storytellers and cultural critics. High brow analysis of news and pop culture. Listen to the March 12th episode where Brooke and Jad Abumrod go deep on Nihilism and Dadaism.
  2. Slate Culture Gabfest
    I think people know and like this one but I had to mention it because it's my very favorite. I look forward to Wednesdays so I can listen to this.
  3. Poundcast
    The guy responsible for all the gross-out sound FX and psychedelic editing on Tim & Eric and Portlandia does often earnest, always fun conversations with comedians, musicians, writers, stoners and other fuckups.
  4. The Ethicist
    A new NY Times podcast with smarty pants writers and lawyers discussing readers' and classic ethical dilemmas. Delightful.
  5. Lexicon Valley
    Cool dudes from Slate go deep on slang, word usage, etymology, and what it means to "sound gay." Funny and well-researched.
  6. Project Moonbase
    Two beyond-dorky dads chatting about and playing old school weirdo music. Space-age bachelor pads, kettle drums, bongos, moogy-woogy, exotica, etc.
  7. Beats In Space
    15 year strong WNYU radio show/podcast hosted by the sweet and nerdy Tim Sweeney featuring an impressive array of guest DJs playing a wide range of underground tunes, new and old. Always exceptionally curated and great for long drives. Eclectic without being pretentious.
  8. Snoop Dogg's Double G News Podcast
    I will never cease to be fascinated by this man. Snoop is such a good ambassador for his culture and a highly-regarded father figure to so many artists and entrepreneurs in hip hop. He comes off as hugely supportive, uncynical, and warmhearted in these series of stoned-to-the-bone conversations with producers and artists.
  9. Afropop Worldwide
    Really great, fast-paced survey of non-western forms of pop and traditional music.
  10. NY Times Popcast
    NY Times music editors getting heady about tropes in pop music, the ramifications of the Marvin Gaye vs Robin Thicke jury decision, what the A$AP crew represents in the history of hip-hop, and sometimes jazz.
  11. StartUp
    Alex Bloomberg is almost TOO MUCH of an earnest dweeb, but this podcast offers a lot of good stuff. I totally agree with his investors that he's probably more interested in making art than in making money, but it's cool to see him go through the steps of trying to get a major media company up and running.