For whatever reason, certain pro football teams have fan bases that are at best delusional and at worst annoying as hell. Most of it has to do with how successful and/or popular the team is as a whole. Yes, all teams have douchebag fans, but some teams seem to have them more consistently than others.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers fans - yes, they have more Super Bowl wins than any other franchise and they are too happy to let you know it. Even after your team has just kicked the crap about them on the field, they will inevitably play the "Six Titles" card. Yeah, kindly shove those rings up your ass, and your yellow towels too.
  2. Oakland Raiders fans - these fans are obnoxious for no reason. Their team's heyday ended in Ronald Reagan's first term and they have consistently stunk since the mid-80s. Also, please stop with the "Raider Nation" business. Your "nation" consists of the East Bay and the some of the people of the Los Angeles area. And those memories are fading fast.
  3. Green Bay Packers fans - I still have no idea why this team is so popular outside cheese country. I get that they have great history and the the Super Bowl trophy is named after their legendary coach Lombardi, and they have multiple hall of famers, yadda yadda. Actually, that all seems to explain why they're so popular. Bandwagon.
  4. Dallas Cowboys fans - "America's Team." Jerry Jones. Enough said.
  5. "My Favorite Team is Whoever Plays Dallas" fans - yeah, we get it, you REALLY hate the Cowboys. Now I get it if you're one of these people and you're a Redskins, Eagles, or Giants fan. It's all about division rivalry. But if you're a Dolphins or Patriots fan, the Cowboys' season has no bearing on your team's season. Just STFU.