Black hats for all occasions.
  1. The Hundreds SnapBack (old one)
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    My favorite hat and then the snap broke.
  2. The Hundreds SnapBack (new one)
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    Replaced the above.
  3. The Hundreds SnapBack
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    My current daily hat.
  4. The Hundreds SnapBack
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  5. Mitchell & Ness SnapBack
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    Saw this hat at Size? on Carnaby Street in London. I'm from Philly - hat was in London - it just made sense.
  6. Major Wear Pork Pie
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    A porkpie hat from Lairds in London. It worked in UK/Europe, but my friends make fun of me when I wear it here in LA.
  7. VII SnapBack
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    Crew hat from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  8. Nondescript SnapBack
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    When it's important to lose all logos.
  9. NTC SnapBack
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    A work hat from the National Typewriter Company.
  10. The Hundreds SnapBack (LIVE)
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    At Swingers. Making this list.
    Suggested by @Hyner