The HUMAN OS 3.1.1 update is recommended for all living persons. It improves the quality, stability, and security of life. This update:
  1. Improves general reliability.
  2. Includes pre-installed multi-language support.
  3. Addresses a glitch where a small percentage of users are inspired to kill others in the name of God.
  4. Addresses known issues with HOPE.system in recently released humans. Software now matches confidence and delusion with effective amounts of self doubt and insecurity.
  5. Includes HEALTH 2.0: Built from the ground up, this suite of updates address all known medical issues to the human body. [ETERNAL_LIFE] feature still in development.
  6. Addresses a glitch where users mistakenly categorize other humans as anything other than equal. This has stabilized COMPASSION.system and has made it resilient to the following viruses: [RACIzM.f], [B1G0TRY.j], [], [kLASSIzM.x], and [].
  7. Addresses vanity issues that previously made INTERNET_BEHAVIOR.system unstable.
  8. Addresses GLUTEN glitch where users are able to declare that they have a dietary intolerance that they in fact do not have.
  9. Updates to /DATABASE/VERNACULAR. “YOLO” has been removed.
  10. Upgrades predictive speaking to automatically remove “hashtag” in spoken conversation.
  11. Includes FILTERS [Beta] for eyesight hardware. Only Black & White and Sepia are available at this time.