A wish list by a young black male.
  1. That Sufjan Stevens is playing from either my car stereo or iPhone to help combat any racial stereotypes that may arise.
  2. That the eyewitness video is shot in proper 16x9 [landscape] with clean audio and is uploaded to the internet in a resolution no lower than 720p. #nofilter too.
  3. That the officer firing the gun is precise enough to have his initial shots kill me, as to avoid the painful and futile wait for an ambulance while I bleed out with my hands cuffed behind my back.
  4. That my roommate has the forethought to log in to my various social media accounts to remove profile pictures where I’ve taken selfies in grocery store security cameras.
  5. That the situation which escalates into lethal force being used against me has mundane beginnings, like jaywalking or me asking where "Juice Served Here" is.
  6. That until the day of my execution, I continue to have a clean criminal record and have it be well known that I am an active, and contributing member of this society.