I don't know who started us down the slippery slope of putting random words on deodorants, candles, and sprays. Let's take a look at how off the road we've gone.
  1. Cashmere Mist
    Let's not forget, cashmere comes from goats. So, this could be called "Goat Mist".
  2. Fresh Energy
    "New or different" + "The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity". Curious how that smells like something.
  3. Adventure
    I have never had an adventure that smelled good.
  4. Ocean Breeze
    Or any "breeze" for that matter. Wind does not smell like anything unless it is carrying a scent. I'm talking to you, Summer Breeze, Hawaiian Breeze, and Bahama Breeze
  5. Dance
    Bodies. Sweat. Movement. Chaffing.
  6. Pure Rain
  7. Pure Clean
    Also no.
  8. Pure Breeze
    I already told you "breeze" is not a smell. Also, WHAT IS PURE?!
  9. Autumn
    How about some mulled wine or pumpkin? I can't find a common smell for an entire geographic location during this few month period.