Disregarding canon, expanded universe, etc - I just wanna watch this stuff.
  1. Boba Fett (Post-Sarlacc)
    Homie climbs out 50 years later, his suit mostly digested by the creature. Without the iconic armor, no one believes he's the legendary bounty hunter so he's forced to build the name back from scratch.
  2. Rogue Squadron Top Gun
    Let's go to flight school with these pilots. See them learn, grow, and follow the green pilots into their first confrontation.
  3. A horror/thriller surrounding the Jedi
    Jedi stuff seems to be HEAVY. I'm sure it's driven some people mad. I'd love something like "Alien" but the "creature" is a deranged Jedi.
  4. A road trip movie.
    Let's meet some regular ass people on Tatoinne just tryna get from point A to B. They sold everything they had to drive across the planet to see Mos Eisley. The biggest city they can afford to get to.
  5. "The Wire" on Coruscant
    Let's. See. Some. Gritty. Star Wars. Crime. I want robberies, detectives, drug dealing, and criminals. We've seen pieces of the underworld but let's live there.