Insight gained from "black tinder".
  1. There are a depressingly high number of "stereotypically ghetto" names.
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    Not limited to: Dayze, Tristina, Shariah, and Bossybee (photo attached).
  2. That my non-black girlfriend would not only be supportive of me making an account, but suggested I try it.
    Purely for educational purposes.
  3. The user interface is nearly identical to Tinder, but the functionality is extremely limited.
    It's hard to jump from your matches back to the swiping screen. There are a few things that are very counterintuitive.
  4. There are an astounding amount of men listed even when having my settings set as a male looking for females.
  5. A lot of different types of people identify as "black".
  6. The white women found on the app had very similar characteristics.
    A large percentage had bleach blonde hair done in up in short, Mid-2000 Bieber-esque styles.
  7. I had no mutual Facebook friends with any user I swiped.