1. White girls are not the only ones who get upset when their Dwell subscription expires or know the pain of spilling a latte on new Nike running leggings.
    This was my yesterday.
  2. There are other names to get this point across: #pettyprobs or #casualcomplaints, maybe?
    I know they don't sound as good.
  3. I have two younger sisters. How are they supposed to categorize their petty annoyances? These issues tend to not have any racial specificity.
  4. Rachel Dolezal is dealing with a very real #whitegirlproblem right now.
  5. Sunburn is also a very real #whitegirlproblem and my heart goes out to those affected.
  6. Also. I have a sense of humor. I get it. I will be watching Felicity and drinking Rosé all summer with my girlfriend.