Requested by Mitch


Thank you @heymitch7 for this request
  1. Madden
    Pick a Madden, anyone. I have loved the game since I received an N64 for Christmas as a child with Madden 93 being my first game. Love it. Always have, always will.
  2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    This was a big no no in my household. In fact I'm pretty sure I had an older friend go in and buy it at GameStop for me. The violence in this game was enough to make an 18 year old cringe, and I was 12. From the hijacking of cars to the cheats that provided absolute chaos in the streets with flamethrower a and the likes.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront One and Two
    Ah these games! These games were the bees knees. They allowed me to tap into my love for Star Wars! The check points, the different troops, the hero's, all of it. Pure joy!
  4. Midnight Club Dub Edition
    This was the first racing game I ever owned and it was great! You had endless possibilities when it came to car customization, and the music was bumping. The Chrysler 300c was my whip!
  5. Soul Caliber 2
    I never really got into Mortal Combat, and so this was my fight game. I loved the style and had tons of fun with my brother... Mainly cuz I never lost.
  6. First to Fight
    This game was so damn cool. My dad was a U.S Marine which made this game so much cooler for me. The premise was wrapped around a unit of 5 Marines in the Middle East lead by you, the commander, taking small cities and rescuing hostages. The game was beyond its time and it's a shame a sequel has not been made.
  7. God of War
    This game was so different and so much fun! It really stands on its own when it comes to mythological games. The coolest part was facing bosses at the end of each level and having to press the corresponding buttons to beat the boss.
  8. Kingdom Hearts
    At first I thought this game was dumb... I was 13 and this was a Disney game. DUMB! My brother got it and I played it once and was hooked!
  9. Halo
    Yes just yes.