Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My mom woke me up at 7am.
  2. I climbed down my ladder from the top bunk of my red rod iron bunk bed.
  3. I looked at my younger brother sleeping in the bottom bunk.
  4. I dragged my tired little 5 year old body to the living room. Passing my sisters room, where she was sound asleep.
  5. I plopped myself on our Fisher Price colorful table and waited.
  6. Mom brought me a glass of juice and a mug filled with 10% coffee and 90% milk.
  7. Mom also brought me pop tarts... You know, the kind we could draw on with icing.
  8. As I drew my Picasso on my tart and sipped on my coffee (milk) Mom put on The Lone Ranger.
  9. Mom sat next to me in her "grown up" chair and sipped her coffee (wait... Hers was actually coffee).
  10. Mom made me feel like the coolest kid in school.
  11. Mom and I would talk about how cool the Lone Ranger was and how badly I wanted to be a cowboy.
  12. Mom taught me how Cowboys always did what was right. And treated a lady right.
  13. The Lone Ranger ended. And my Picasso was being digested.
  14. Mom went and woke my brother and my sister.
  15. Stephen and DiDi joined me at the breakfast table.
  16. They finished their own pop tart Picasso's.
  17. We moved to the classroom, said the Pledge of Allegiance, and opened our spelling books.
  18. Oh yeah... I homeschooled.