As the NFC and AFC Championships approach I am reminded of why August through January are some of the best months of the year.
  1. "Sunday Fun Day" gets a whole new meaning
    Sunday's have always been the day of the Lord, the day that parents pile their hair gelled boys, and frilly dressed girls into the wagon for 9am Sunday school. 11:00 AM starts the next best Sunday tradition.. The Pregame! Families and friends gather around the family water hole known as the television and begin preparations for a 3-10 hour journey!
  2. Chicken wings
    Chicken wings are offered all year round yes, but chicken wings are really only appreciated as the perfect football snack to munch on throughout the games.
  3. Nfl Redzone Channel
    For you DirectTV owners out there you know what I'm talking about. This channel is pure heaven for any football fan. It is designed to show you every game that's airing across the country whenever a game is at a pivotal point. And on top of that, there are no commercials. None! It is constant football from 11:55 am to 6:45 pm. It's truly beautiful!
  4. Team SWAG
    Everything from socks, pajama pants, hoodies, hats, t-shirts, the pile of jerseys in the closet, and every little item of team paraphernalia. Every Sunday morning is a new opportunity to mix and match everything to comprise the biggest fan look!
  5. Small talk
    Everyone that has worked or currently works in a customer service related job has benefitted from football season as an easy small talk conversation piece. It is so easy to strike up a two minute conversation on how the Boys are doing this year, if Brady really is the best, and if Eddy will ever lose that weight! I guess we go back to the weather..
  6. Fantasy football
    This will have to get its own list soon... Stay tuned!
  7. Trash talking
    Nothing is more rewarding, in terms of football, then seeing your coworker Monday morning after your team put a beat down on his! Everyone thinks their team is the best team in the league, that their quarterback has the strongest arm, or that their defense is the stingiest. And of course there's always the rash talking that leads to the game. The week building up to a division match up with playoff implications. Little trash talking never hurt nobody.
  8. Monday Night Football
    In addition to what Sunday holds for NFL fans, there is Monday night football. Every Monday night at 7:30 we can all forget about how much Monday sucked and face the rest of our week with one last hoorah to the weekend!
  9. Michael Irving and Marshal Faulk
    For those of you with the NfL network (real fans) you know the banter that which I refer to here. Marshal will argue till he is blue in the face that a successful offense revolves around a solid running game where as Michael will literally scream about his "son" (Dez Bryant) and how the receivers are the lifeblood of any offense.
  10. C'mon Man!
    In a game of aggression and intensity, ESPN has a segment on their network once a week in which they showcase their sense of humor. Headlined by analysts who were players in the NFL, they show bone headed plays from the weekend and silly mistakes made by both players and coaches alike.
  11. Rex Ryan
    If I were to play for any coach in the NFL right now, it would be Rex, hands down! He always believes his team is the best, no matter the personnel he has! He believes they always have what it takes to win the super bowl, every year! And his hatred for the Patriots make two weeks every season a blast!
  12. Beer!
    Again, like chicken wings, beer is a year long past time. However, enjoying a cold one while the Cowboys put a licking on the Philadelphia Eagles compares to no other.
  13. Dudes being dudes.
    As a man, I can confidently say that nothing brings a bunch of dudes together for a good time better then drinking a few beers, eating way too many wings, and watching the game of Football