1. Fully charged phone
    There will most likely be a lot of time sitting in those awful chairs in the fitting rooms and a fully charged phone is essential!
  2. At least 3 fun games to play on your phone.
    A few recommendations: 1. Tiny wings. 2. Cut the rope. 3. The Impossible game.
  3. Quarters
    Those dumb candy kiosks are like magnets to girls.
  4. $20 cash
    No more. No less. Leave the debit and credit cards in the car!
  5. Comfortable shoes
    Going into a store only once is a myth. Multiple laps of the mall will be taken and quality comfort shoes will be a life saver.
  6. An accepting attitude that you will be at the mall until it closes.
    There is no such thing as "it'll just be an hour"