1. Horse
    Yes. yes I know. I know! My mom and I used to watch the Lone Ranger a lot when I was little and I always thought Silver was the coolest part.
  2. Cowboy
    okay, so I had to learn That being a horse was not in the cards for me. Therefore, The Lone Ranger himself was a suitable replacement.
  3. Doctor
    I'm pretty sure this one lasted about 4 days. And was only a thought because I was a boy in the early 90's and mom and dad had to give it the good ol' college try.
  4. Lawyer
    So when my parents found out they wouldn't be having a doctor in the family they tried the next best thing. This one lasted awhile. I was 10, wanted lots of money, and was told that Lawyers get to argue and talk back to people all day. I was great and talking back to my parents at 10. Up until I was 16 Lawyer was the only option.
  5. Pastor
    Went to Mexico, played with kids, sang "how he loves us" a million times, and went to a mega church where pastors were more like celebrities. It was a given, I had to become a pastor. It was the cool thing to do.
  6. Business consultant
    Okay so I found out not all pastors make close to 6 figures and own three top end luxury sedans. On to the next one. Business consultant seemed to make sense. I would help failing companies find success, and new ones find their first dollar. They would NEED me. And I NEEDED my ego fed.
  7. Sales
    So most business consultants have degrees. And I was not in college. Cool, I'm an outgoing guy in my 20's who dresses well. Sales was a perfect fit.
  8. Now? Now what do I want be when I grow up?
    5. I want to be 5 damn it.