1. when needles don’t scare you.
  2. when you prick yourself with a needle but are still not scared. Even when it happens a lot.
  3. when you use a sewing machine.
  4. when you make gifts for people during the holidays using crafting supplies.
  5. when you use the word “thread” often.
  6. when you call yourself a seamstress.
  7. when you find yourself in times of struggle, mother Mary comes to you. And tailors your pants.
  8. when you enjoy the loud thumping vibrations a sewing machine makes.
  9. when you see a tomato and automatically think of a pin cushion.
  10. when you get a concussion and think of a pin “cussion” heeeheee
  11. when someone rips their pants during class and you happen to have with you an emergency sewing kit on you (at all times).
  12. when adorable, singing mice and birds help you revamp your mother’s old dress. #cinderellathings.
  13. when people confuse “seamstress" with “spinster". But you obviously know the difference.