She name Roachel
  1. She's not a lady! She's roach. Please stop saying lady or girl or something like that.... Thanks!!
  2. She like to look her best! Sometimes she grind her leg on my thigh. Roach get Herny too ppl!
  3. She skitters
  4. I do have sex with other men and she sometimes joins
  5. She does not judge me for being TS
  6. God made Roachel and that makes me SMILE :)
  7. Sometimes when I'm down she fly near me and makes sounds to make me giggle
  8. she do not like strong male energys
  9. Roachel is a Taurus
  10. Dorito is a fab food! One time I found her and she had a friend with her in my bag!! Lol Roachel!!!
  11. B there soon!!! Stoppin by ma fren jermy house to get stuff
  12. She get angry quick
  13. Her favorite band is washed out
  14. She luv 2 travel
  15. She once met zack afron
  16. John 3:16
  17. Traveled here once
  18. Roaches are bad!! LOL NOT!!! They good I'm tellin you
  19. Roachel
  20. Is
  21. AweSOMM! 🐜🐜🐜