Best Coaches of the NFL

In order
  1. 1.
    Bill Bilicheck
    No reason or explanation necessary
  2. 2.
    Andy Reid
    You may not agree but the consistency without even close to the best talent....
  3. 3.
    Pete Carroll
    He does have full control of the roster so I can't knock him too much for having such a great Defensive roster....
  4. 4.
    Mike Tomlin
    Consistent despite major injuries and roster turnover
  5. 5.
    Bruce Arians
    I know last year wasn't great but BA is great. He needs a young capable QB and he could end up #2 on this list
  6. 6.
    Mike McCarthy
    I know and agree that they should have more SB titles with ARod but he Doesn't have full control of the roster and the roster is lacking in some key areas. The team is built for sustained success through draft
  7. 7.
    John Harbaugh
  8. 8.
    Marvin Lewis
  9. 9.
    Sean Payton
    Offensive Genius!!!
  10. 10.
    Dan Quinn
    Could go much higher but hasn't done it long enough
  11. 11.
    Jack Del Rio
    He won a playoff game on Jacksonville!!!!
  12. 12.
    Jay Gruden
    Another offensive genius