Comics I'm Currently Reading, Ranked

Wanna know what to pick up from your local comic book shop come every Wednesday? Here's what I'm reading. (I should note that normally Aquaman would be number one on this list, but I've stopped buying it because of its current writer. Once Bunn leaves, I'll be back on the title.)
  1. 13.
    James Bond
    (Dynamite) Warren Elis does a great job translating Bond to comics. His opening scene in issue one is reason enough to check the series out.
  2. 12.
    The Goddamned
    (Image) The Goddamned is a weird comic to try to explain, so I'm just not going to! Check it out guys, it's Jason Aaron's indie baby!
  3. 11.
    Star Wars
    (Marvel) I'm not sure what needs to be said about this comic other than it's freaking Star Wars! The comic does a great job capturing the feel of the original trilogy. It's tons of fun and there's lots of adventure.
  4. 10.
    The Mighty Thor
    (Marvel) This is Jason Aaron's third title in a row on this list, so it just goes to show you just how much I like him that I buy three of his books. Of his three here, The Mighty Thor is my favorite. I'm loving his take on a woman wielding Mjolnir and kicking ass. Loki just showed up and things have gotten very interesting, indeed.
  5. 9.
    Star Wars: Darth Vader
    (Marvel) Marvel's Vader comic is just so damn good. The big crossover event Vader Down was great, and last month's Vader Annual was a supremely great tale.
  6. 8.
    (DC) Scott Snyder has delivered a career defining run on Batman thus far, and he shows no signs of slowing down the quality of his writing. I've loved this series since issue one, and we've almost hit #50.
  7. 7.
    The Astonishing Ant-Man
    (Marvel) This is the funniest comic I've ever read, hands down! I love reading about Ant-Man's tragicomic adventures in Miami. The title is very reminiscent of Peter Parker's early years and his cursed Parker luck--that's a huge compliment to Scott Lang.
  8. 6.
    (Boom) Why, yes, this is a miniseries about the secret origin of Santa Claus. And it's told as only Grant Morrison could write it. I look forward to Klaus every month, it's just such a fun and clever treasure of a book.
  9. 5.
    Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Anakin
    (Marvel) This was gonna be a winner for me no matter what, really. Obi-Wan is my favorite Star Wars character, and I freaking adore Charles Soule as a writer. I love the period it's set in (between I and II) and so far we've gotten really interesting flashback material of Anakin as a young padawan. I can't wait for the next issue.
  10. 4.
    Citizen Jack
    (Image) Citizen Jack is just the most insane comic on the stands right now, and I mean that in the best way possible. The indie comic is about a man who makes a deal with a demon to become president of the United States. Hilarity and horror ensue.
  11. 3.
    (Marvel) There was a strong fear that when Waid left the title that nobody could come close to topping his run on Daredevil. Luckily, Charles Soule stepped in and it turned out just fine. Soule has delivered a different, darker take on Matt Murdock, and it's been a great read thus far.
  12. 2.
    Secret Wars
    (Marvel) This one is kind of a cheat, because the nine issue event series just ended today. However, it's more than earned its place on this list, and I was super reluctant not to include it. As a huge Doctor Doom fan, this series was everything I could have wanted. Secret Wars was hands down Marvel's best event comic in the publisher's history. It should be read by all comic fans. Game changing.
  13. 1.
    (Image) Huck was a surprise success for me. I'm amazed out how much I love this comic, but there's no denying it's the one I look forward to reading the most. It's fun, and more importantly, heartfelt. Mark Millar has created a brilliant character in Huck. I'm in it for the long haul on this one.