First Attempt at Cooking @gloriaarose Dinner

Today appears to be a day of firsts for me. Some of you might be thinking it's really nice of me to cook Gloria dinner, but I assure you it's anything but. I'm putting both our lives at danger. I'm not fully sure what I'm doing.
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    Step One: Wash hands.
    This is a must. This city is gross. We just used public transportation
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    Step Two: Open windows in kitchen.
    This one kinda sucks because it's freezing outside but when I cook for myself things tend to catch on fire. Need to let that smoke out.
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    Step Three: Blast music.
    Whatever you're into. I usually cook to The Rolling Stones.
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    Step Four: Gather ingredients.
    Tonight I'm going to attempt to prepare bacon wrapped filet mignon with fried corn. The Nutella is for dessert, which I'll prepare first.
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    Step Five: Get on with it!
    AKA I'm tired of typing step numbers so I'm lumping the rest of this damn list/recipe(?) into step five.
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    Dessert prep:
  7. •
    Scoop Nutella into baking cups!
    It's pretty easy.
  8. •
    Look at these ugly things!
    It's fine that they're ugly. If you're following along at home you could always melt the Nutella first and then do this. That'd be prettier, I guess. Also, I discourage you from following along at home.
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    Stick them in the freezer and you're done.
    They'll freeze into Nutella candy bars. I did this for the first time when I was ten and extremely bored. They're quite delicious.
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    Preheat oven to 450.
    I'm realizing I should have already done this. Shit.
  11. •
    Ask Gloria how to preheat oven.
    I've never used this thing.
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    Wash hands again.
  13. •
    Cut up three slices of bacon.
  14. •
    Store in bowl for later use.
  15. •
    Filet mignon time.
  16. •
    Wrap a single slice of bacon around the steak.
  17. •
  18. •
    Gotta add them seasonings.
    I have an unhealthy addiction to garlic powder.
  19. •
    Go crazy with those seasonings!
  20. •
    Melt some butter and olive oil in a pan on the stove.
  21. •
    Throw those steaks in!
  22. •
    After a minute, flip each.
  23. •
    By this time, the oven should be heated. In go the steaks!
    God I hope the oven is the right temperature. It's given me no indication one way or the other.
  24. •
    Set the timer for ten minutes.
  25. •
    Now it's time for corn.
    A personal recipe, actually.
  26. •
    Melt a lot of butter.
    I will be adding more butter to this as time goes on.
  27. •
    Dump in the corn.
  28. •
    Pour a lot of salt in.
    I'm not kidding, use a lot.
  29. •
    Grab that bowl of bacon and plop it in!
    Did you think I forgot about that???
  30. •
    Stir it in and put the stove on high.
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    Make sure to put a cover on the pan!!!
    The corn is going to start popping all over the place. It's gonna fly all over the kitchen without the cover. Stir occasionally. When most of the corn is a crisp brown color it's done.
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    Put two glasses in the freezer because you forgot to put the soda in the fridge and you're out of ice.
  33. •
    Timer's beeping. Get that steak outta there!
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    Turn off the oven.
  35. •
    Corn looks ready.
  36. •
    Serve it!
  37. •
    Gloria made salad😊
  38. •
    Dr. Pepper with the dinner because you respect yourself and want only the best.
  39. •
    Enjoy the meal with the coolest gal in town😘
  40. •
    Pray the food actually tastes halfway decent.
  41. •
    An hour or so after dinner, serve dessert!
    Gloria has no clue what dessert is but this list will totally ruin the surprise. 🤐