This is to say nothing of just how exactly I'd be watching these shows.
  1. Justified
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    My all time favorite television series about a modern cowboy, Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens. A western series with dialogue that Tarantino would be envious of, it would be a must have for me on that island.
  2. Hannibal
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    Hopefully this deserted island is gorgeous, but if it's not, I'll have Hannibal to look at. I've never seen a show so cinematically beautiful. Plus this way I can get my horror fix, which is an absolute necessity for me.
  3. The Office
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    Amusingly, if I made a list of my favorite TV shows, I don't even think The Office would be in the top ten. But it's the one I'd want if I was stranded on an island alone. Justified and Hannibal are hour long dramas; they've got a weight that could get boring after a while. I need a palette cleanser, and I need to laugh. The Office delivers that in spades, and it's nine whole seasons! Plenty of material to keep me occupied while I slowly die alone.