Do dead people count? Dead people totally count.
  1. Teddy Roosevelt
    Gotta carry that big stick.
  2. John Dillinger
    Handsome, nonviolent criminal? Directly related to the creation of the FBI? An American people's Robin Hood? Cool suits and hats and loads of money? Yeah. I'll take a day.
  3. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Preferably while he was in Paris! Maybe I'd write something cool and it would become super popular and when I came back to the present I'd know I actually wrote it.
  4. John F. Kennedy
    Any day before November 22, 1963, please.
  5. Robert Kennedy
    Let's bust some gang members! Gimme a day of his trial against Hoffa.
  6. Stephen King
    I'd love to see how my favorite writer spends a quiet Monday.
  7. Brad Pitt
    I'd spend the day getting to know Angelina.
  8. Angelina Jolie
    I'd spend the day getting to know Brad.
  9. Natalie Dormer
    I'd use my day as Natalie Dormer to sign her up for various movies I could then look forward to seeing her in.
  10. A day as my favorite musician? Gimme gimme.
  11. Michael Madsen
    So I just found out Michael Madsen writes poetry. What's that about? I gotta know.
  12. Matthew McConaughey
    Basically I'd just cruise around in a Lincoln and talk really seriously to myself.
  13. Megyn Kelly
    I'd ask real hardball questions to my guests and say "fuck it" to political correctness.
  14. Honestly how does this guy get into the shit he gets into? I wanna find out.