So for the first time ever, I bought a Powerball ticket today. Actually, I bought ten😳
  1. Get an apartment in Manhattan with @gloriaarose
    The commute to work from Astoria is a slog, and it'd be great to afford our own place. Something not too big but still comfortable. (Alternatively, I'd love to live in Forest Hills, too.)
  2. Cut back on my available hours at work.
    Unlike most people, I love my job. I don't actually want to quit yet, millionaire or not! I'd cut back on my availability though, because I could actually afford to set aside days just for writing.
  3. Visit Florida at least once a month.
    It'd be way easier to visit my family and friends if I was a millionaire.
  4. Get that Dr. Doom statue I've always wanted.
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    This might sound silly to a lot of you, but there's this Doom statue that I always told myself I'd buy if I ever became wealthy. It's a real beauty, but its price tag of $399 always put me off. As broke as I am, I could never justify spending that much money on it, even if I saved up.
  5. Buy stock.
    Nothing extreme, because I'm not really savvy with that kind of stuff. But I'd like to own stock in Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.
  6. Give money to those closest to me.
    Again, nothing extreme! But if we're talking about winnings of 500 million dollars after taxes, I'd definitely take at least a million of that and divide it up among my closest friends and family.