So @gloriaarose and I just got out of a movie and she's dragged me to Sephora.
  1. This place is very bright.
  2. There's a lot more makeup out there than I had assumed.
  3. I guess I didn't really assume a whole lot about make up to begin with, though.
  4. Oh wow they have perfume here, too.
  5. "Smell this!" Gloria demands.
  6. I oblige.
  7. It does smell good.
  8. "I'll make my dad buy it for me," she says casually.
  9. I look at the price tag and I'm feeling really glad I'm not in one of those relationships where my girlfriend calls me "daddy."
  10. I keep bumping into things because I'm making this list instead of paying attention to my surroundings.
  11. This place seems confusing but Gloria knows what she's doing.
  12. All of the employees here are super helpful and nice.
  13. Gloria just grabbed some kind of tube and announced it was time to leave.
  14. I thought we'd be here longer. This list feels pointless now.
  15. Doesn't matter. I'm in too deep.
  16. The cashier just told Gloria she has 1,117 points.
  17. This number sounds impressive to me.
  18. She thanks Gloria for being a "loyal VIP member." This sounds even more impressive.
  19. "You look like you hate this," Gloria observes.
  20. I grunt to acknowledge she said something but I can't really focus on responding while typing this list.
  21. #listapprobz
  22. The security alarm goes off as we're leaving.
  23. This could spice this experience up.
  24. Nope. The guy waves us through.
  25. Apparently it's not a big deal.
  26. Oh well.
  27. "What are you typing?" Gloria asks.
  28. I guess I should end this now.