Not 100 % random, because if it was there would be a good chance this list could also be called 5 photos of my dog.
  1. A discarded Lyft Mustache. I like to imagine that the owner's dreams finally came true.
  2. I took my 68 year old mother out for a walk in Miami and we saw this spray painted on a wall. She didn't have her glasses on and said "David is crazy about Lisa's (squints for a moment) what does that last word say?"
  3. My dog does this every time I take her out. It's simultaneously my favorite and least favorite part of our walk.
  4. I took this picture of a plaque at the Statue of Liberty for my husband because I thought the woman in the photo looked like Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos.
  5. If this picture had sound, you would hear my niece and her dad playing Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" It was beautiful and one of my favorite moments ever.