List of thoughts I get from intellectual conversations.

Just another "Wait a minute/You mean to tell me/ We're {bleep}ed" moment."
  1. Wait a minute!!! You mean to tell me that I was circumcised before I knew what a foreskin was?!! What type of religion would require something, which may have actually served a benefit, to be removed from my body? Isn't a foreskin meant to serve as protection from reproductive infections?
    Initial bomb drop. Fallout will be catastrophic!
  2. What the {bleep}? You mean the widespread problem of sexually transmitted diseases (that big government is apparently struggling to comprehend) could have been greatly mitigated if not for some stupid religious mandate?! .......aaaaand our society is doomed.
    As I helplessly watched common sense and decency crumble and fall away. 🤥
  3. .........The Lord tells me he can get me out of this mess. But as for you, you're {bleep}ed.
    Uh....God your thoughts??