From 10-12 my Dad had the love in his heart to escort me to some truly awful shows and annual radio festivals. He loves Miles Davis, but had to see Korn twice. Here are some acts he sort of signed off on:
  1. The Crystal Method
    "Everyone around us is on a lot of drugs, son. But that means they're doing a good job. These guys are pretty good. They owe a lot to Kraftwork. Don't do drugs for a good long while. Not time yet."
  2. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "The people! The aren't moshing! They're DANCING!"
  3. The Living End
    (Stand up bass, cutaway semi hallow guitars, digestible)
  4. Hepcat
    Sandwiched in between a still white t shirt clad Davey Havok/AFI & Rancid during their "record in Jamaica" phase, I think he was comforted by ska.
  5. Blink 182
    He didn't actually love them, he just preferred them so greatly to the Red Hot Chili Peppers ("It's like they're all playing in different bands! It's bad!") he felt it was worth bringing up on the ride home. For the entire ride home.