Here's some of the technology that I need on a daily basis.
  1. HP Spectre x360
    This is my go-to laptop. It's a laptop that can be folded into a tablet as well. The performance and design of this is absolutely amazing. It's sleek, thin, and light a must have for someone who's always packing light. The display and processor only enhances your experience with it. Worth noting that the speakers aren't amazing, however, it shouldn't scare you away from the overall quality of this laptop.
  2. Microsoft Arc Mouse
    This mouse was something I was skeptic about. The design is what sets this apart from other mice. In order for it to function you'll have to bend the mouse to turn it on and lays flat when it's turned off. I was surprised at how unique this was and was not disappointed by its response. It feels nice in the hand and can be programmed for both left or right hand users. It pairs very well with any laptop.
  3. Symphonized Headphones/Earbuds
    As an avid music listener, headphones are a total must. I stumbled upon this brand when I needed to replace my stock headphones. What makes these headphones special is the built quality. These headphones are made with genuine wood and have a variety of colors to match your particular style. Sound quality is pretty good for the price range it goes between $25-50. You're not only getting good sounding headphones but you're also not hurting your wallet.
  4. Extra Cables
    Whether you need a Micro USB, lighting cable, or a USB C cable, you can never go wrong with having cables. Particularly cables with varying lengths. Some cables require some serious length while others need to be short for on-the-go charging. The more the merrier.
  5. External Storage
    Whether it's your phone, computer, or laptop, storage is always an issue. That's why I recommend a flash drive or an external hard drive. It's an essential for any tech user.
  6. Cleaning Cloth
    Yes, I know this one isn't a technology, but with all of the technology you do have, you have to find time to clean it. A small microfiber cloth in your tech arsenal can help you with all those fingerprints on your screen.