Reasons if would be weird to go about my day like my dog...

  1. To eat from a bowl with no hands.
    I might as well enter a pie eating contest at our local County fair! "It's was a total barforama!" (Quick, name that movie!)
  2. Spontaniously chasing a squirrel through my yard.
    My neighbors would think I am more bat shit cray than they currently do. And that squirrel, he doesn't mean any harm. He's just trying to get a nut, to move that butt.
  3. Sniffing around the yard to find the ideal place to poop.
    I have never felt compelled to visit every stall on an individual basis making sure the bowl is at the preferred height, the seat is not at a cringeworthy temperature and the water is aqua marine. The choice is as simple as a feet check and if there is creative graffiti to read!
  4. Wondering why my tail is constantly following me.
    That must be how Kim Kardashian feels all of the time.