But isn't that the point of life?
  1. I'm an Asian kid who was told I'm too "Black" during high school, too "White" during college and now I'm just weird.
    So you're telling me I was a Rotten Banana, then a Twinkie, and now I'm just... Someone actually likes the taste of Durian? Yo, can I live?
  2. Graduated high school with a 1.72 GPA was told I'll be nothing to obtaining my Masters last year.
    I tried destroying the model minority stereotype and then I came a model minority. Just kidding, I will never be one because...
  3. Chose a career that will make me no money.
    I work as a full time clinical social worker and provide therapy for at risk youth. I love the work but I make no money... That is until I sell out and provide couples therapy and tell them to end their relationship if they're not married.
  4. Kanye West Obsession
    Not in the sense that I'm going to go and buy everything that he wears but more so a fan of his vulnerability and emotions. He wears his heart on his sleeves and he forever changed hip hop. You can't tell me that I'm stating facts.
  5. Shoot. Rewind. Develop. Repeat.
    If you catch me in the streets, I most likely have some sort of camera contraption around my neck. If you're Kim (my wife), you're probably sick of me leaving cameras and film all over the apartment. If you know me personally, you're probably tired of me looking at film to try, things to buy, and so on. The boy is just trying to capture some stories. CAN I LIVE?
  6. Always love and appreciation for terrible things.
    From movies, to music, to terrible products, I love and appreciate it all. Expect a future list of all terrible things you should check out (always eat airplane food - it's absolutely disgusting but delicious - worth possible food poisoning).
  7. Forever captivated by the human experience.
    Maybe it's why I do what I do for my career. Maybe it's why my photography is geared toward a certain direction. Or maybe it's why I choose to surround myself by those that I surround myself with. It's the the dialogue that we have, the interactions that we partake in, and the experience and journey of just being a human being. I live for this.
  8. I have ____________ ideas.
    Genius, ridiculous, absurd, fucking stupid, etc. I like to believe that I'm going to be rich off of these ideas one day. So I'm not going to tell you shit.
    I realize wrestling is fake and it's a modern day soap opera but I absolutely love it. The New Day, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins are the best thing in the WWF right now (WWE sounds stupid).
  10. There's more but I've procrastinated typing clinical notes to make this list. I'm fucked.