I am a Fashion Design - Knitwear Concentration major at FIT (fashion institute of technology). I have been dreaming to go to this school since I was little and I absolutely love it here. Except the fact that sometimes bitches are stupid.
  1. Taking 21.5 credits first semester freshman year.
    I made this mistake. I still made it to the Deans List.
  2. Going to class wearing Louboutin stilettos higher than they are.
  3. Tripping up the escalators due to their Louboutins.
  4. Getting ALEXANDER MCQUEEN tattooed bigger than his ego on his shoulder blade.
  5. 529+297=?
    Lot of students need to take MA009 which literally tests you on shit like this. They even do division during the semester. Advanced, huh?
  6. "What do you mean physics isn't physical science?"
    This bitch when she expressed her worries about Intro to Physical Sciences because she "never took Physics in high school."
  7. "If English wasn't invented yet, how did the caveman know his name was Oog back then?"
    Professors response ".... Well I just named him for the sake of this lecture."
  8. Using "late night studying" as an excuse to do blow.
  9. Ditching "late night studying" to party at Avenue and/or PHD bcz blow.
  10. Excitedly bragging that she saved a ton of money because the cashier took half off each item rather than half off the total.