I really really like sweaters. In fact, I major in Knitwear Design at FIT. These are the most important qualities when looking for a sweater.
  1. Fiber Content
    The quality of fiber content can make or break a sweater. Although wool will keep you warm through the nastiest of winters, it can be itchy as fuck. Unless it's something likecashmere or merino wool. Which can be expensive as fuck. Synthetics like acrylic can mimic wool well without breaking your wallet and can still feel soft. Cotton is more lightweight and is generally worn in the spring/summer more. It's also way easier to care for.
  2. Fit
    An ill fitting sweater can make you look ridiculous. I absolutely love oversized sweaters in the right proportion, but when they're way too big they look like an ugly hand-me-down from your fat cousin Mike. And when a sweater is too small, I'll assume you absentmindedly threw the wool sweater in the dryer for an hour too long.
  3. Color
    Color is the most prominent characteristic at first glance. Don't pick unflattering colors like shit brown or vomit green. If you think it might be ugly, it's probably ugly.
  4. Stitch
    The most basic jersey knit stitch can be stylish enough as is. But different knit stitches will create a more unique garment: Cables, ribs, welts, pointelles, intarsia, jacquard. The list goes on.
  5. Miscellaneous Details
    Bonus points to sweaters with interesting details such as buttons, finished edges, beading, embroidery.
  6. Price
    I mean, I'm a broke bitch. So money is always on my mind.