Me in a nutshell.
  1. 💅🏿
    Oh u fancy huh
  2. 🙏🏿
    I use black girl emojis because I think it's slightly ridiculous that my phones memory decreased bcz there's like 6 shades of skin.
  3. 👌🏿
    But that's ok
  4. 😒
    The "are you fucking stupid" or "you're not funny please stop" look.
  5. 😏
    The "I'm a bad bitch and I did something sly" emoji.
  6. 🌳
    Closest resemblance to a nug
  7. 💀
    "Die bitch"
  8. 👽
    bcz I'm out of this world bb
  9. 👾
    this screams "I'm retro as fuck"