I Recently Hit 5,000 Photos On My iPhone... Here Is One Random Moment From Each Month I've Had My Phone. 02.08.15 ➡️ 10.14.15
  1. Griffith Observatory 02.22.15 9:24p
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  2. Baked My Big Sister A Red Velvet Cake For Her Birthday 03.28.15 5:11p
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  3. Dog Sitting The Smith Children With Baby Sister (Weird That My Sisters Came Up Back To Back Randomly) 04.18.15 11:50p
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  4. No Idea Why I Have This Photo On My Phone... Crazy Costume. 05.16.15 6:55p
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  5. Tried My First Mask 06.22.15 2:52a
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  6. First Korean Nightclub Experience 07.12.15 12:23a
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  7. Painted Mom Some Kicks 08.30.15 4:17p
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  8. First Time On Westlake 09.13.15 6:36p
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  9. Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles 10.07.15 3:00p
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