From the perspective of Ruby herself
  1. Not afraid to admit I'm a cute lil bobble head
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  2. First time meeting my crazy fam pls help
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  3. Making a dog lvr out of @paigeb
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  4. I have to live in the valley with these freaks
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  5. I look like an 😇 when I sleep
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  6. I'm obsessed with @JP
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  7. Suns out tongues out
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  8. I have these ppl wrapped around my paw
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  9. Must always utilize an arm rest
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  10. Saturday mornings amirite
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  11. Not not tired after strutting down the streets of West Hollywood
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  12. I have resting bitch face what can ya do
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  13. I said I wanted an ice coffee
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  14. Winter wardrobe
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  15. I'm also business savvy
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  16. My preferred choice of transportation
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    Suggested by @tefron