Once upon a time I was a very picky eater and in 2007 my friend forced me to eat spicy tuna and I've never looked back since
  1. Katsuya
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    The OG spicy tuna crispy rice for me. First place I ever tried it and it was love at first taste
  2. Hamasaku
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    You can get it with just spicy tuna or mixed with yellowtail and salmon. Can't go wrong.
  3. Koi
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    Supposedly the actual OG
  4. Iroha
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    The spicy tuna crispy rice options are endless here. You can get it with white rice, brown rice, or a SPICY TUNA BURGER.
  5. San Shi Go
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    In Laguna Beach but had to mention it because it's one of my faves. They put a garlic chip on top mmmm
  6. Yu n Mi
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    Love the dab of jalapeño sauce on top
  7. Jinpachi
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    Bite size pieces of heaven with the perfect drizzle of eel sauce
  8. Shu
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    Flat and crunchy
  9. Nobu/ Matsuhisa
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  10. Kushiyu
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    They sneak in the Avo in between the spicy tuna and the rice.