1. Polo Lounge
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    Yes I'd like a refill pls
  2. Woodranch
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    Worth smelling like garlic for a week
  3. Angelini Osteria
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    Light and crunchy and also comes with a white bean salad not mad at it
  4. Stanley's
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    The softest and fluffiest sourdough bread to ever exist IMHO
  5. Cheesecake Factory
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    Ask for ranch and blue cheese on the side to dip and then basically just have this as your meal and never talk about it again
  6. Maria's Italian Kitchen
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    Embrace the oil
  7. The Ivy
  8. Spago
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    The waiter brings a selection to choose from. Be greedy and ask for every kind!
  9. Mastros
    There's a whole variety in that Art Deco basket but the salted pretzel bread is crack.
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  10. Petit Trois
    Crispy, toasted baguette. + butter and salt.
    Suggested by @JesseJacobs
  11. C&O Trattoria
    Unlimited garlic knots.
    Suggested by @emmaketchum