Not that there's any harm in them but....
  1. Make that gargling sound when they gargle.
    You know that "arrrrrgghhhh" sound people make when using mouthwash? You know what I mean, right? Good. Do you know why people do it? I don't. You don't need your vocal chords to gargle. I'm just sayin'
  2. Preface a question with the word "question."
    Why? You don't preface non questions with the word "statement." I guess the warning is appreciated but.... I don't know. Seems unnecessary.
  3. Tag themselves in pictures they post on their own account.
    Like on Facebook, when you post a pic and then tag others in it. When it's posted it shows you posted and then who you tagged by saying "with so-and-so." There's no need to tag yourself.
  4. Push the elevator button multiple times when their in a rush.
    I guess it feels good to do something rather than nothing, but the elevator isn't impressed or otherwise affected by your urgency. It's gonna move the same speed no matter what.
  5. Rub fruits on their shirt before biting into them.
    Why? Do you think your shirt is cleaning it?