1. Those boomerang Instagram videos
    I saw it the first time, you don't need to repeat it a gazillion times.
  2. When Netflix freezes
    Then you have to refresh the page and you lose where you're up to.
  3. Slow ______
    Computers, Internet, Walkers, Talkers, Drivers, the list goes on....
  4. Unpredictable predictive text
    No I'm trying to type nice, not entice.
  5. Nosey people
    Dude, back off.
  6. Those sleepless nights when you can't figure out why you're still awake
    When else would I be making this list.
  7. Unnecessary apologies
    "I'm so sorry about the weather!"
  8. That awkward moment when you're crossing the road and the car stops
    Do I go? Do you go? It's a road, just drive.
  9. Small talk at the dinner table
    We're family, can we skip over the formalities please?
  10. False beat drops at parties
    It got me the first time but please stop.