1. I'm Justin
  2. I'm an award winning author and filmmaker
  3. I made a movie called "Dear White People"
  4. A show based on the film is coming to Netflix next year.
  5. Naturally people who have never seen the film or read a synopsis are OUTRAGED based on the title alone
  6. Sometimes that makes me giggle - sometimes it makes me sad.
  7. Most people are chill and recognize how satire works tho
  8. My favorite filmmaker of all time is Stanley Kubrick
  9. 2001 A Space Odyssey is in my opinion the greatest cinematic work of all time.
  10. My favorite living filmmaker is Spike Lee
  11. Do The Right Thing changed my life and Malcolm X is to me the greatest biopic of all time
  12. I also love the films of Bob Fosse. Cabaret redefined the musical genre and All That Jazz transcended it.
  13. I tend to get hyperbolic when describing movies I love
  14. I live in Culver City with my boyfriend Rick and a cat named Taylor
  15. I'm obsessed with them both
  16. So far I'm finding to be a satisfying alternative to Twitter for when I need the dopamine hit of a social media posting.
  17. More to come