1. Cave Tubed in Belize
  2. Cliff repelled in Belize
  3. Climbed the Harding Ice Field in Alaska in shorts and a t-shirt
    7hr hike round trip
  4. Camped on Kodiak Island, Alaska
    Caught and eaten fresh salmon riverside
  5. Surfed in Hawaii, California, and South Padre Island, Texas
  6. Been to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  7. Visited St. Thomas and St. Maarten
  8. Skied in Canada, Utah (2x), Colorado (2x), West Virginia, Montana
  9. Hosted a French student for 3 weeks
  10. Solo journeyed to France at 17 for 3 weeks, exchange immersion program
    3yrs of French studied
  11. Road Tripped from Georgia to Wyoming
  12. Been to New York (2x)
  13. Won a state tennis championship
  14. Held the #1 Singles Position in Highschool
  15. Seen top touring tennis pros play in Miami (2x)
  16. Very good natural drawing ability
  17. Attending Savannah College of Art and Design